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Sound Off 339 - THE DEATH OF TNA?


*The latest on Spike TV possibly not renewing TNA Impact and why it's their own fault
*Vince Russo's role in this fiasco as TNA "fires" him this week, what does he have on Dixie?
*Latest WWE Network subscriber numbers and they're even worse than we thought
*What WWE's deal with Rogers Cable means for Canadian fans wanting the network
*60 employees lose their jobs as part of cost cutting, thoughts on the death of WWE Magazine
*Why Stephanie McMahon is currently in the lead for Best WWE Performer of 2014
*Five NXT releases this week, including one shocking name that was a big mistake
*Full review of TNA Destination X, a really good show with plenty of great wrestling
*An impromptu rant on Dixie Carter's big bump next week and what it MUST mean for TNA
*Bringing back older stars and a spirited rant about WWE not making a play for AJ Styles
*This week's Sad Tweet from Smith Hart, accusing Vince Russo of murdering his brother
*Inside details from my Wheel of Fortune audition this week and how it ties into wrestling

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