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*Daniel Bryan takes down a burglar, but also gets bad news from WWE doctors
*Battleground thoughts, including the bait-and-switch with Ambrose and Rollins
*Brock Lesnar is back and why John Cena's absence may help the build to their match
*Thoughts on the GREAT angle with Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella
*Cesaro no longer a Paul Heyman guy, why that pairing can now be considered a failure
*How and why WWE could have booked Lesnar vs. Cesaro for the Royal Rumble
*Do we have a NEW Nation of Domination?  Looking at ways they could go with it
*What WWE could learn from UFC's Fight Pass to help improve its own network
*Getting over international stars to feature on network specials overseas
*Booking The Ascension on NXT, plus reaction to the crowd during the women's match
*Who would be on a Mount Rushmore of greatest wrestling promoters?
*This week's "Sad Tweet" from @JRsBBQ, thoughts on Jim Ross' WWE departure

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