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This week's Sound Off is TWO AND A HALF HOURS worth of audio with:

*Thoughts on the Monday Night War debut and other things WWE Network should be doing
*The Atlantic writes about WWE's race problem, leaving out one of it's biggest stars
*Hulk Hogan introduces KENTA in Japan, but will he fare better than other Asian stars?
*Santino Marella retires, thoughts on his WWE career and most memorable moments
*The best part of the Roman Reigns promo on Raw last Monday and what it means
*A rant on the state of announcing in pro wrestling today, giving more wrestlers the mic
*Farewell to the 4-sided ring (and Willow!) with another good episode of Impact
*The three NXT acts that should be on the WWE main roster right now
*Why The Undertaker should NOT get his win back against Brock Lesnar next year
*If John Cena were gay, would WWE have still made him the face of the company?
*Classic Attitude Era Raw Review for the 7/13/98 episode, does it hold up?

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