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Sound Off 325 - Scumbag Indy Promoters Screw Over Talent and Fans


Solomonster has thoughts on the two scumbag independent promoters that screwed over talent and fans this weekend, and proposes a registry for indy wrestlers to help avoid these problems in the future.  Then, he discusses the Bryan/Kane injury angle from Raw and how they should follow-up, Randy Orton's streak of not wearing pants comes to an end, the fans voting for John Cena's destruction and WWE's comical spin on it, Paige stripped of the NXT Womens title, running down the current card for the May 29th Takeover special, a weird Impact with some good wrestling and horrendous hype for the PPV, the awful Ken Anderson/Sam Shaw angle, whether Dean Ambrose can reach his full character potential under PG, why The Shield worked and The Nexus failed, time limits in wrestling today, airing the Slammy Awards on the WWE Network and why Kurt Angle may actually be UNDERRATED by some in terms of his place in history.

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