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Sound Off 324 - Praise For WWE’s Warrior Documentary


We've got a FULL review of the WWE Network documentary on The Ultimate Warrior, which is probably the best hour of TV they've ever produced, as well as thoughts on the debut of Legends House.  Then we get into the return of Evolution and a surprising lack of crowd reaction, the Intercontinental tournament and a rant on why it's hard to buy into the idea of them making the title important again, John Cena's horrendous comedy, WWE reveals PPV numbers for WrestleMania, Delusional Dixie takes credit for BEARDS on Impact and more thoughts on Eric Young as champion, Jim Ross sounds off on the lack of heels in wrestling, the one thing it would take for WWE to consider turning John Cena heel (it's not happening), a possible opponent NOT NAMED UNDERTAKER for Sting at WM31, and why I'm no longer writing for The Layfield Report.

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