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Sound Off 313 - Why You Shouldn’t Feel Sorry For WWE


Over two hours this week with some amusing audio from the Stitcher Awards, what's going on with WWE and ROH, Batista's hilarious attempt to get Omaha to like him, one idea to fix Bad News Barrett, thoughts on Miz and Ziggler as a team, defending the Emma dance, Undertaker's rumored return date, one reason why WWE is responsible for all of these rowdy crowds (it has nothing to do with Daniel Bryan) and why you shouldn't feel sorry for them, Bully Ray quotes COOLIO while Solomonster sings some Fantastic Voyage, more on Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith nearly buying TNA, looking at some of Daniel Bryan's AWFUL merchandise, is the steel cage gimmick dead, how the Observer Hall of Fame works and is STING a true Hall of Famer?  Then we have a HUGE history segment this week looking back at Andre beating Hogan for the title, the implosion of The Mega Powers and yes... the Rise and Fall of THE XFL!

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