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Sound Off 311 - Bryan vs. Sheamus at WrestleMania?


Solomonster is back with ROYAL RUMBLE predictions, including the latest on Daniel Bryan, possible surprises, and why Justin Bieber needs to quickly be introduced to Brock Lesnar.  Then he addresses rumors of a Bryan vs. Sheamus match for WrestleMania and the one thing missing to make it work, the NXT segment that gave him nightmares, GREAT news for TNA this week followed by a full review of The Dixie Carter Show (featuring Impact Wrestling), ranting on Kurt Angle's moonsault off the cage and possibly Sting's final TNA match, who the mystery investor may be, rumors of a Vince Russo return, Jesse Ventura's attempts to unionize against Vince McMahon and who ratted him out, and revisiting the NWA's failed voyage to WWF country for the Bunkhouse Stampede.

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