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Sound Off 310 - Debunking WWE’s Ultimate Lie About Warrior


Solomonster talks the death of Mae Young, why Lesnar vs. Bryan makes sense for WrestleMania XXX, The Ultimate Warrior going into the Hall of Fame, a personal story from Warrior's days as a college speaker that ended poorly, evidence that Vince McMahon blatantly lied about Warrior holding him up for more money at Summerslam, why TNA Genesis SUCKED and was the exact opposite of what it should have been, Sting possibly leaving for WWE and the WrestleMania match that makes the most sense, The American Wolves debut, what MATCH is rumored for a WWE Hall of Fame induction this year, comparing Daniel Bryan to Steve Austin in popularity, Sid breaks his leg in WCW and explaining the lawsuits that followed, and who is the greatest female talker of all time?

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