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Sound Off 305 - Cena’s Greatest Performance Yet?


Solomonster talks about the wild ending to Monday's Slammy Awards, including the crowd hijacking the show, potential matches it sets up for WrestleMania and why John Cena's promo was the greatest of his career.  Plus, predictions for the TLC pay-per-view, pitching an idea for The Undertaker vs. The Shield at Mania that can play into their breakup, more on AJ Styles leaving TNA and taking them to task for allowing it to happen, blasting the dumb "Feast or Fired" match concept, why Cena vs. Bryan makes more sense over Punk vs. Bryan for WM30, pitching an idea for how and when Alexander Rusev should make his WWE TV debut, the real reasons Sin Cara has been a bust, the biggest matches of each era that never happened, and how the WWF tried to sabotage the title unification at AWA's Superclash III!

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