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Sound Off 304 - Big Details On WWE’s New Network


Solomonster goes TWO HOURS this week with tons of new details on the WWE Network and how it might affect piracy, the WrestleMania 31 location, Triple H officially takes over creative and how that might change things, his own picks for the Slammy Awards including Superstar of the Year and Match of the Year (with a list of WWE's best matches in 2013), why fans don't care who the "Face" of WWE is, thoughts on #BadNewsBarrett, spoiler notes for TNA including the new World champion and killing a Jeff Hardy rumor, why Ken Shamrock never reached his full potential, dropping the ball on an Owen Hart/Shawn Michaels feud and remembering the awful December to Dismember PPV, including Paul Heyman's original plan for the main event that Vince McMahon shot down!

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