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Sound Off 303 - Will WWE Unify The Titles At TLC?


Solomonster was in attendance for Raw this week and speaks to how bad the show was, including whatever the hell that Miz TV segment was supposed to be, the John Cena/Randy Orton match at TLC to unify the titles and what you can likely expect, one possible way to tie it into the Royal Rumble match, praising NXT and why its womens division is leagues ahead of the Divas on Raw and Smackdown, a fun Thanksgiving-themed episode of Impact with an AWESOME funeral for Aces and Eights, Zema Ion's new gimmick, Starrcade's greatest matches, best WWE feuds of the last five years, what went wrong with Ahmed Johnson, the first screwjob in 1985, Jim Cornette's gruesome injury at "Night of the Skywalkers" and could WWE be saving a Daniel Bryan title win for WrestleMania?

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