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This week, Solomonster celebrates SIX YEARS and 300 EPISODES of the Sound Off talking Raw's lousy finish on Monday, a startling stat about Big Show, Randy Orton and Triple H and one reason why many fans are likely sick to death of the product, LIBERTARIAN KANE, John Cena's endorsement of Antonio Cesaro, thoughts on Kassius Ohno's WWE release, TNA's braindead decision to bring back Pacman Jones, one thing TNA is doing right with AJ Styles defending the title elsewhere and Bully Ray invading Tommy Dreamer's promotion, Aces and Eights FINALLY breaks up (or not), understanding the term "X-Pac heat", taking issue with Jake the Snake's latest crowdfunding request, what fans can do to take a stand against the WWE product, DEFENDING JOHN CENA against claims that he's killed people's pushes after working with them and why I keep watching wrestling no matter how bad things may get.  Plus, This Week in History with THEY LIVE hitting threaters, the Montreal Screwjob, a tribute to Eddie Guerrero and more.  Thank you all for 300 incredible shows!

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