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Sound Off 299 - Does TNA Have A Celebrity Buyer?


Solomonster is back with Hell in a Cell thoughts, Daniel Bryan's unceremonious exit from the WWE Title picture, Damien Sandow's failed MITB cash-in and how it could help him going forward, the return of Uncle Fester Kane, Chris Jericho confirms what we already know about Triple H, a minor beef with this week's NXT, the latest on TNA being up for sale and the potential celebrity buyer who visited their offices in Nashville this week, a fun edition of Impact with a scary Kurt Angle performance, TAZ ADMITS THAT ACES AND EIGHTS SUCKS, one idea on what to do with The Miz, should TNA be embracing its minimalism, Halloween Havoc hijinks from 1995 featuring THE YETAY, Linda McMahon flushes $97 million down the toilet, and would you rather be World champion of an indy promotion or a WWE jobber?  We celebrate 300 episodes next week, so please consider making a Paypal donation to support the show!

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