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Sound Off 293 - The State of TNA Wrestling


This week, it's another two hour show with thoughts on HULK HOGAN and STING winning big at Night of Champions, fans demanding refunds, the rumored stipulation for Orton vs. Bryan at Battleground, the AWESOME segment on Monday with Dusty Rhodes, the greatness that is Miz's father and how they could keep him on TV.  Then, Solomonster runs down THE STATE OF TNA with updates on two of its top stars and which one WWE should poach, Impact going off the road, thoughts on Dixie Carter's heel turn (the good and the very bad), the three questions I would ask Vince McMahon, why Triple H has never really been "THE FACE" of WWE, remembering The Shockmaster 20 years later and the infuriating finish to CM Punk's match with Triple H in 2011.  Also, I apologize for leaving out the rest of the Impact review this week as I only realized I skipped over it when I was done recording.  Trust me, you didn't miss much.

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