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Sound Off 292 - The Stamford Screwjob


This week, the show is TWO HOURS!  Solomonster minces no words in discussing Jim Ross's "retirement" and why he feels he was fired, the alleged reason behind it, who may actually be responsible and what JR's next move might be.  Plus, Night of Champions predictions, Dusty Rhodes on Raw this Monday and how War Games could be involved, AJ Lee's epic burial of Jerry Lawler, the new NXT GM revealed, a great "No Surrender" edition of Impact, spoilers for this week's big angle and why it might actually work, Anderson possibly done with TNA, reviewing WWE's list of the 15 greatest PPV shows of all time, and what if Vince McMahon ran WCW and ECW as satellite promotions instead of losing money on the XFL?  Make a PayPal donation to help support the show!

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