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Sound Off 291 - Daniel Bryan’s Big Problem


This week, Solomonster expresses concern about Daniel Bryan being laid out to end SEVEN consecutive shows, why he hasn't given up on the character even though Lance Storm has, why the Big Show/Stephanie segment on Raw was among the worst of the year, liking the Cody Rhodes angle, Goldust's return this Monday and how WWE could eventually build to a War Games match, Sami Zayn being promoted to the main roster, Kurt Angle rehab update and BREAKING NEWS on wrestling returning to the Olympics, AJ Styles contract update, Hulk Hogan's LOL Moment of the Week, the latest on The Briscoes in WWE, Bulldog's injury in WCW and their negligence, why Kronik's run in WWE was so brief, and the Lesnar/Triple H match you likely never saw!  Make a PayPal donation to help support the show!

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