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Sound Off 290 - Hulk Hogan’s Plan To Save TNA


Over 90 minutes this week with #BadNewsBarrett, Big Show's ironclad contract, AJ Lee drops an ATOMIC BOMB on the Divas division, why The Bella Twins were so infuriating on Monday night, a terrific Smackdown with an incredible performance by Big Show, evaluating some of the new NXT names and then, well... Solomonster loses his mind on TNA.  We're talking Hogan's grand plan for what TNA must do to succeed, does Eric Bischoff get too much (or not enough?) credit for being a visionary, the Bound for Glory Series debacle, and AJ Styles' terrible promo from Impact.  Plus, explaining the finish to the Hogan/Sting match at Starrcade 1997, WWE embellishing attendance figures, the greatest Summerslam of all time, and which promotion was more successful - ECW or TNA?  Make a PayPal donation to help support the show!

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