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Sound Off 287 - Sheamus Out For 6 Months


Solomonster talks surgery for Sheamus and pitches an idea for his return, why it's time for a heel turn and WWE's surplus of babyfaces, a quick review of Total Divas Week 2 (timed with the Divas Stopwatch!) ad John Cena's FORTRESS, more greatness from Brock Lesnar and CM Punk, the current Summerslam card and one glaring omission, possible movie about Hulk Hogan being made and hilarious tales of other claims Hogan has made over the years, Magnus and others re-sign with TNA, who has been the most successful member from NXT Season One, a passionate rant about Bruiser Brody's murder and Carlos Colon turning it into an angle, Chris Jericho's WWE debut 14 years ago this week and more!  Make a PayPal donation in the box on the right to support the show!

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