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Sound Off 187


The Sound Off gets a "lethal injection" this week as Solomonster chats with the reigning Ring of Honor World Television champion, JAY LETHAL! In this 30-minute interview, the champ discusses his return to ROH and TV Title win over El Generico, his release from TNA and whether or not it came as a surprise, the number one thing he feels the company is missing, a great analogy comparing TNA's treatment of the X Division to an episode of Seinfeld, this year's Destination X show and what TNA did (or didn't do) leading up to it that shocked him, the Black Machismo character and speaking with the real Randy Savage on the phone, who came up with the Legends Open Invitational on Impact and what the original idea was supposed to be, what it was like when Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came to TNA, working with Ric Flair and their amazing promo battles, if he would ever work for them again, possibly working with WWE in the future and more!  Lethal holds nothing back, especially when it comes to TNA.

Solomonster also speaks with "The Prodigy" NATHAN BANNER for an interview that any current or aspiring independent wrestler should listen to.  He discusses growing up with (and being trained by) Jay Lethal, working for Zero 1 and HUSTLE in Japan, being part of the first beginner's class in FCW and tips on what WWE is looking for, working the Macho Man memorial show in Canada and getting high praise from Lanny Poffo, and a whole lot more.

It's a special double interview on this bonus Sound Off, so enjoy and leave comments!

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