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Sound Off 182


Sound Off 182 is here and features my hour-long interview with photographer and author GEORGE NAPOLITANO, a man with over 40 years in the wrestling business.  We discuss the glory days of the magazines, his iconic photo of Andre the Giant, Ric Flair's NWA title defense in the Dominican Republic and why both he and Ric were scared for their lives, his relationship with Flair today, Paul Heyman and why the other photographers tried to have him barred from ringside when he first started, an interesting take on the Montreal Screwjob (which he was ringside for), taking photos of Randy Savage while he was still playing baseball, meeting a young Triple H at a high school gym and so much more.  If you're a fan of wrestling history, you'll love this!

His new book is called "Hot Shots and High Spots: George Napolitano's Amazing Pictorial History of Wrestling's Greatest Stars" and is available right now on and other fine retailers.   Thanks to George for the fun chat!

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