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Sound Off 174


Solomonster is back for the second straight week with another BONUS weekday Sound Off, covering Summerslam 2011 and Monday's Raw from San Diego in which the word of the day was BURIAL.  Kevin Nash buried CM Punk, Punk buried Nash, Michael Cole buried everyone and I buried my face in my hands (literally).  The announce team is a disaster of epic proportions, so we'll talk about that, as well as Alberto Del Rio becoming the *NEW* WWE champion, Mike Chioda suspended, UFC leaving Spike for Fox and the "Impact" it may have on TNA, and speaking of TNA, I've got something to say about them supposedly not paying their talent.  Lots of good things happened in the last 48 hours, but I'm gonna be honest, I have a ton of hate to get off my chest, as well.  Download this now!

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