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Sound Off 129


Solomonster liked Raw but SNAPS on one particular segment that almost ruined it, plus thoughts on Hell in a Cell, the wretched live Impact special, a Bound for Glory preview, TNA drug testing and Steve Austin teasing one more match.  Then, we have a special treat (or trick?) for you just in time for HALLOWEEN!!!

Can a Solomonster and a Zombie co-exist?  We'll find out as "The Arsonist" Tim Arson, perhaps best known as the ECW ZOMBIE, sounds off with The Solomonster in an exclusive interview.  We'll talk about the best way to kill a Zombie, a passion of his not many people may know about, WWF's old LJN figures (oh yes), Primetime Wrestling, training with Johnny Rodz, his pact with Matt Striker, why Puerto Rico is called the last great territory, how Tommy Dreamer gave life to the Zombie, Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon's PRICELESS reactions to the character, whether he might return to WWE, and brutally honest thoughts on the current product--including a debate regarding the new diva season of NXT!  BRRRRAAAIIINNSSSS!!!!

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