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November 25th, 2018

SOUND OFF 574 talks Jake Roberts on Joe Rogan's podcast... why Survivor Series ended up being absolutely meaningless... more evidence of a new wrestling promotion with The Elite and two WWE stars said to be interested in jumping ship... the latest on AJ Styles' WWE contract status, what he is asking for to stay and why he's not going anywhere... Stephanie McMahon jokes about dismemberment on Raw... Braun Strowman having elbow surgery this week, what is his status for the TLC PPV?... Seth Rollins now scheduled to challenge Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania?... why Alexa Bliss would be a fine choice for Raw General Manager... going off on PEE jokes, AOP, The Revival and Monday Night Raw in general... Charlotte Flair as BOOTLEG Becky Lynch... praise for Daniel Bryan's promo and a comparison to Chris Jericho's heel run a decade ago... why Lars Sullivan is a better fit for Smackdown over Raw, and old message board posts dug up exposing racial and homophobic comments by Sullivan that he made years ago... wrestler has a CINDERBLOCK thrown at his head in Mexico and suffers bleeding on the brain... why NXT challenging WWE at Survivor Series next year would be a big mistake... Undertaker's five greatest Wrestlemania matches not involving Shawn Michaels... and starting our 10-WEEK COUNTDOWN of the greatest championship matches in Royal Rumble history!

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November 18th, 2018

SOUND OFF 573 is an INSANELY packed show with thoughts on the death of Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee... WWE SURVIVOR SERIES PREDICTIONS... thoughts on Nia Jax injuring Becky Lynch, the argument that criticizing Nia for what happened is sexist and how to build to a Rousey/Lynch main event at Wrestlemania... Daniel Bryan wins the WWE title and turns heel, and why it's a positive thing... Mixed Match Challenge winners getting the #30 spots in the Royal Rumble and my pick to win... Starrcade 2018 airing on the WWE Network?... a FULL REVIEW of the NXT Takeover War Games show, one of the best WWE shows all year... James Ellsworth accused of sexting an underage girl... Enzo Amore kicked off a flight for vaping... David Arquette gets his throat cut in a deathmatch against Nick Gage and praise for the former WCW champion... Jim Ross takes a nasty fall and Sabu shows us again why he is a garbage human being... WHO IS MISTER SURVIVOR SERIES?... Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania?... why Steve Austin did not want to work with Jeff Jarrett... and ranking the FIVE GREATEST champion vs. champion matches in WWE history!

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November 11th, 2018

SOUND OFF 572 talks about Stephanie McMahon claiming WWE can be as big or bigger than Disney in the next 30 years... the death of Jose Lothario, his forgotten WWE appearance in 1999 and falling out with Shawn Michaels... Raw losing its overrun starting this Monday... a rumor killer on Braun Strowman having backstage heat... thoughts on WWE booking a weak Kurt Angle to tap out to Drew McIntyre and why it's a good thing... NXT TAKEOVER: WARGAMES PREDICTIONS... reviewing the INSANITY of maybe the final Lucha Underground episode ever and an update on a possible season five... Reby Hardy wins for Savage Tweet of the Week and Ashley Massaro responds... does Roman Reigns belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?... how would Vince McMahon push Adam Cole?... how big could Gino Hernandez have been in WWE?... will Canada host another Wrestlemania before the UK ever does, and how to make a UK Mania work... listing some of the greatest long-term storylines in WWE history... and as a Mets fan, Shea Stadium or Citi Field? And is David Wright a Hall of Famer?

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November 4th, 2018

SOUND OFF 571 is our 11 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW with final thoughts on Evolution and Crown Jewel, the tale of two polar opposite WWE shows in every possible way... Daniel Cormier tells Brock Lesnar to bring his Universal title to UFC so he can win it from him... Shane McMahon is THE BEST IN THE WORLD and what this is all likely leading to... Triple H suffers a torn pec, what does it mean for a possible Batista match at Wrestlemania?... thoughts on New Japan's Power Struggle show and Chris Jericho's IC title defense... an impassioned rant on the state of Monday Night Raw and why WWE needs to do better... what's next for Daniel Bryan after losing to AJ Styles and refusing to go to Saudi Arabia?... why Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch should headline Survivor Series and pitching some ideas for what it could lead to... NXT talents win titles in EVOLVE and why this is a great idea... Matt Riddle wants to retire Brock Lesnar and why WWE should make it happen... would WWE ever bring Wrestlemania to Saudi Arabia?... two WWE names from the 90's who failed to meet expectations... did AJ LEE or BETH PHOENIX have a greater impact on women's wrestling?... and BUY OR SELL on the bigger match to be given away on free TV, Goldberg vs. Hogan on Nitro or Angle vs. Lesnar Iron Man on Smackdown?

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