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January 28th, 2018

SOUND OFF 532 is a PACKED SHOW with ROYAL RUMBLE 2018 PREDICTIONS and two surprise picks for the Rumble matches, plus the location for next year's show... the return of the XFL, Vince McMahon claiming three hours is too long, why his track record works against him and what he needs to do to grab eyeballs right out of the gate... Enzo Amore fired from WWE after being accused of rape, why WWE was right to let him go and what should happen to the woman if it turns out she lied and made the story up, plus the future of 205 Live, who the new General Manager might be and praise for last week's main event with Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali... THE FALLOUT FROM RAW 25 and WWE's poor planning at The Manhattan Center... why Braun Strowman challenging Miz for the IC title at Wrestlemania is a GOOD idea... Big E making his move on Carmella while he still can... COLISEUM HOME VIDEOS COMING TO THE WWE NETWORK... thoughts on NXT TAKEOVER: PHILADELPHIA, including the greatest NXT match in history, why Johnny Gargano is a cross between Bret Hart and Daniel Bryan, why it was the right move to keep the title on Andrade Cien Almas and EC3 MAKES HIS FIRST NXT APPEARANCE... thoughts on the NWA Empty Arena Match between Tim Storm and Jocephus, and the Barbed Wire Massacre on Impact that was too violent to air on POP TV... explaining the Undertaker/Kanyon incident... and a great story about SNOOP DOGG CUSSING OUT KEVIN DUNN AT A GIRLS GONE WILD EVENT!

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January 21st, 2018

SOUND OFF 531 defends Roman Reigns against the incarcerated drug dealer who implicated him as a client who bought steroids from him and why right now it's a non-story... Jey Uso's DWI arrest and why it's unlikely to affect his push... Goldberg announced for the WWE Hall of Fame and the very different tune Triple H is singing now than he was in 2010... the latest list of names for Raw 25, including some names who WON'T be there and the latest on the status of Hulk Hogan... the likely location for Wrestlemania 35 and when to expect an announcement... the RAW IS BRAUN angle, what worked, what didn't and the goofiness of it all... the return of the CURB STOMP and defending the referee from the Balor/Rollins main event... Alberto El Patron already angling for a job with WWE while still working for Impact Wrestling, and blaming PAIGE for all the awful things he said about Triple H... not even a Bobby Roode U.S. title win can save an awful Smackdown show... thoughts on the debut of the MIXED MATCH CHALLENGE... a Randy Savage UNRELEASED MATCHES DVD is on the way... RICOCHET, WAR MACHINE AND CANDICE LERAE officially the WWE family and Peter Rosenberg gets called out by Kevin Owens... NXT TAKEOVER: PHILADELPHIA PREDICTIONS and why Shayna Baszler really is the best opponent for Ember Moon... no justice for Jim Ross in the death of his wife... the chances of EC3 appearing in the Royal Rumble match... who should be the one to challenge Conor McGregor if he ever worked a program in WWE... and that one time Undertaker tried to murder Mr. Kennedy with a chairshot to the head.

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January 14th, 2018

SOUND OFF 530 discusses the abrupt end to Paige's in-ring career in WWE, why this was inevitable, other roles she could play on the show, what this means for Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, and why Sasha Banks should NOT be blamed for what happened... lots of chatter about WWE's next TV deal, possibly jumping to FOX next year and what that would mean for three hour Raws... MORE NAMES announced for #Raw25, why Vince Russo is upset and news on the planned format of the show... the top two matches planned for Wrestlemania, an impassioned plea to The Undertaker and if he *is* going to wrestle, pitching an idea on how to set things up at #Raw25... the latest on Samoa Joe's foot injury and how it may impact plans for a feud with John Cena... hilarious proof from Raw last week that nobody cares about Kane... brackets for the MIXED MATCH CHALLENGE and a prediction on the winner... a fantastic debut for Shayna Baszler on NXT this week... LIO RUSH GETS OUT OF DETENTION... Izzy the Superfan goes heel and turns out to be a better promo than most on WWE TV... some Impact news and notes, including the departure of EC3, where he may be headed next, and a ridiculous title change at the tapings... explaining the "mystery heat" that Don Callis had in WWE... announcers wetting themselves during shows... remembering the RAW BOWL from 1996... and do hardcore fans take the product too seriously?

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January 7th, 2018

SOUND OFF 529 is the annual PREDICTION SHOW recapping last year's hits and misses on predictions and offering up some new ones for 2018 for Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Ronda Rousey, Kenny Omega and EC3... the fallout from WrestleKingdom 12 with Chris Jericho and Tetsuya Naito, rising tensions in Bullet Club and Okada's next challenger revealed... why it will be a crime if Samoa Joe doesn't hold gold in the near future... what to do with Finn Balor and The Club now that they've reunited... absolutely EVISCERATING the end of Raw with Brock Lesnar and Kane and those awful camera cuts... why I don't think Daniel Bryan is turning heel... making the case for Karl Malone as a celebrity induction for the WWE Hall of Fame... a fan theory about Undertaker's upcoming appearance at Raw 25... what to do if Roman Reigns gets hurt before Wrestlemania... overall thoughts on Sting's WWE run in 2015... and BUY OR SELL on Jericho vs. Omega from WrestleKingdom or Jericho vs. Michaels from WM19?

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