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September 24th, 2017

SOUND OFF 514 is a MONSTER SHOW with WWE NO MERCY PREDICTIONS, including who may show up during the Cena/Reigns match... running through all of the new ideas being pitched for a premium tier of the WWE Network, including house shows and more tournaments, how to bring back King of the Ring and why bringing back ECW as a TV-14 show is a bad idea... WWE resurrecting STARRCADE and NOT as a network special, Cody and Brandi Rhodes' reaction to it and Michael Hayes inviting Cody to team with his brother... Total Nonstop Global Force Impact bringing BOUND FOR GLORY to Ottawa and the amazing explanations for why they're ditching the GFW name and why Jim Cornette is already gone from the company... FloSports sues WWN for over a million dollars in damages, but neither side looks good in this mess... the mass exodus from WhatCulture and what it means for the future of WCPW... a passionate rant on the Jinder Mahal segment from Smackdown that needs to be heard... Sami Zayn wins the award for Sad Tweet, while Okada wins for COCKY TWEET claiming that he is the best in the world for this era... running down my predictions for the next four weeks of ULTIMA LUCHA... thoughts on John Cena talking about locker room complacency on the Edge & Christian podcast... Impact dubbing over commentary on outdated GFW footage to make it seem like Bobby Roode has "made the jump"... is Goldberg the greatest creation in WCW history?... three names in wrestling who were their own worst enemy... and BUY OR SELL on the better actor, Pacino or DeNiro?

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September 19th, 2017

Solomonster pays tribute to the late, great Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, who died this week at age 73.  Recorded only a few hours after the news of his passing broke, he discusses why Heenan is the absolute greatest of all time, his career highlights and memorable insults, his relationship with Gorilla Monsoon, his brutal battle with throat cancer, meeting Bobby for the very first time and how WWE should pay tribute to him.


September 17th, 2017

SOUND OFF 513 has thoughts on the finals of the Mae Young Classic, the original match planned for the finals and why Kairi Sane should NOT win the NXT Women's title at Takeover in November... Roman Reigns talks about WWE's great ticket sales in a week where Raw and Smackdown play to half-empty houses... why Braun Strowman is easily WWE's breakout star of the year... Miz and Maryse announce BABY MIZ, while Miz embarrasses Enzo Amore in front of the world... DASHA FUENTES, WWE's resident android announcer... thoughts on Kevin Owens busting Vince McMahon open with a headbutt, and what Owens' position on the card says about the state of the WWE title... why Dolph Ziggler should wrestle Bobby Roode in a STRAIGHTJACKET MATCH... Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly get a name for their group and it needs some trimming... Pete Dunne shows why he's one of the best heels in the business... how Lucha Underground helped Rey Mysterio prove a lot of people wrong... Steve Austin believes Kenny Omega can be THE GUY in WWE, and why it won't happen... why we WILL see an all-female main event at Wrestlemania in the next few years... who is the best opponent for Braun Strowman at Wrestlemania 34... if it was held today, who should win the Royal Rumble?... why Jerry Lawler should have beaten Miz to win the WWE title in 2011... the match Kurt Angle had with Owen Hart in 1999 and more.

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September 10th, 2017

SOUND OFF 512 talks about wrestling ranking dead last in a Washington Post poll of popular sports... Jeff Jarrett takes a LEAVE OF ABSENCE from Global Force Wrestling, while Sports Illustrated claims that Anthem is bleeding money and looking to pull out soon... thoughts on Raw airing live on Christmas and the disgruntled Hardy wives speaking out against it... why his match with John Cena was the best thing to happen yet to Jason Jordan... why Vince McMahon needs to open his eyes and see the money in heel Roman Reigns... Nia Jax burns Emma on Twitter, while Enzo Amore reveals himself to be a certified shmuck and a bonafide bonehead... Big Show and Braun Strowman deliver big in the Raw main event... why WWE's booking of Sami Zayn could backfire on them... the SIXTEEN WOMEN from the Mae Young Classic that WWE should sign, including the three top standouts with the greatest potential and why the future of the women's division is in good hands... Sexy Star stripped of her AAA Women's title and apparently thinks she's a doctor now... John Cena vs. Undertaker rumored for Survivor Series?... the reason why Finn Balor likely hasn't gotten his rematch yet for the Universal title... why Tony Schiavone (and Michael Cole) are NOT the worst play-by-play announcers in history... and BUY OR SELL on the bigger dream match, HBK vs. Tanahashi or Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle?

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September 3rd, 2017

SOUND OFF 511 addresses the Sexy Star situation and her horrendous response to it, plus why AAA doesn't come out of this looking too good either... full thoughts on the JOHN CENA/ROMAN REIGNS worked shoot from Raw, why I was gobsmacked watching it and the possible tease for an Undertaker vs. John Cena match... Seth Rollins explains the ridiculous reason why "Burn It Down" was added to his theme song... why Emma's new storyline may pave the way for Paige to return... Sasha Banks admits that WWE's creative makes no sense to her and says she's already the greatest women's wrestler of all time... JBL GONE FROM SMACKDOWN and who may replace him at the announce desk... 100 days for Jinder Mahal as WWE champion and how I would handle the title heading into Wrestlemania... WWE is now Photoshopping HAIR onto Baron Corbin's head... a full review of the FIRST ROUND of the MAE YOUNG CLASSIC, including Kairi Sane's majestic elbowdrop that would make Randy Savage proud... who to trade to Smackdown for Randy Orton... re-booking the Wrestlemania 14 main event if Steve Austin had retired early... and BUY OR SELL on CHAD GABLE or PETE DUNNE?

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