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January 28th, 2017

SOUND OFF 480 is here a day early with ROYAL RUMBLE PREDICTIONS -- who will win and what title will they challenge for, who might be making a surprise appearance, Kurt Angle's status for the Rumble, why Kenny Omega will NOT be in the Rumble and why staying with New Japan is the right move, what city is hosting the Rumble in 2018 and memories of the horrible one it hosted just two years ago, Goldberg busts himself open and forgets his lines, a sad observation about The Undertaker from Raw, thoughts on John Cena's promo from Smackdown on AJ Styles, Styles gets some karmic payback on Al Roker and Tamron Hall of The Today Show, Pentagon, Jr. leaves AAA and what it could mean for his future in Lucha Underground, why AJ Styles is the best wrestler on the planet right now, the most brutal-looking Rumble eliminations, are guys like Bo Dallas and Tyler Breeze happy with their positions on the WWE roster, and BUY OR SELL on the bigger "What if?" in wrestling, Bruiser Brody or Art Barr?

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January 22nd, 2017

SOUND OFF 479 is nearly THREE HOURS discussing WWE's United Kingdom tournament, details on which UK promotions are coming to the WWE Network and are fans willing to pay more to watch them, thoughts on KURT ANGLE being inducted into the Hall of Fame, the best choice to induct him, why ignoring his TNA career is a slap in the face, will he wrestle a match, the death of "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka and thoughts on WWE paying tribute to him on TV, how Raw last Monday was like a REVERSE OREO, pitching a Brock Lesnar/Sami Zayn match for TV and NOT for PPV, thoughts on the Roman Reigns FAN GATE controversy, why the Reigns experiment has been a failure and what they need to do RIGHT NOW to fix it, why the Natalya/Nikki Bella segment from Smackdown reminded me of a classic Triumph the Insult Comic Dog skit, the return of Mickie James and how EMMA being revealed as La Luchadora could have heated up the Raw vs. Smackdown feud, the latest on WWE's new title belt designs, Randy Orton's run-in with a fan at the gym turns sour, JBL takes an unfortunate (see: hilarious) spill, NXT TAKEOVER PREDICTIONS for next weekend and beyond, the surprising NXT name that Shawn Michaels would love to wrestle, is Vince McMahon truly a genius or is he out of touch, why WWE should bring Wrestlemania to the Tokyo Dome, BUY OR SELL on The New Day or The Nation, and reflecting on the 1992 Royal Rumble match 25 years later!

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January 15th, 2017

SOUND OFF 478 rants about the STEPHANIE MCMAHON SHOW and why it's enough to make Raw an automatic thumbs down, Chris Jericho winning the United States title, GOOD GUY JERICHO stepping up again for a fellow wrestler and the others he's also helped, latest rumors of Undertaker vs. John Cena being SCRAPPED for Wrestlemania, why we could be in line for THE DEADMAN against THE DEMON instead and why it makes sense, pitching Samoa Joe as a challenger for Roman Reigns and the Universal title at WM33, Becky Lynch calls Alexa Bliss a naughty word (sort of), the return of the KING'S COURT on Smackdown and what it could mean for Jerry Lawler's future role, The Fight Network airs the WRONG EPISODE OF IMPACT, Don West returns to TNA and credit to Jeff Jarrett for making it happen, is Jim Ross the most underappreciated talent in WWE history, thoughts on AJ Styles being relegated to the back of the Royal Rumble poster, why The Undertaker was never THE GUY, the real life beef between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss, Elizabeth turning on Randy Savage at WM8, what would be on your WRESTLING BUCKET LIST, and remembering one of the greatest segments in Raw history three years ago this week involving Daniel Bryan!

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January 8th, 2017

SOUND OFF 477 has thoughts on WRESTLEKINGDOM 11 and all the talk of Okada vs. Omega being the greatest wrestling match of all time, Kenny Omega teasing a departure from New Japan, why he's NOT going to WWE, spoilers on two names for this year's WWE Hall of Fame, charges dropped against Jimmy Snuka and why he will go down as one of the biggest screwups in wrestling history, possible opponents for Goldberg at Fast Lane, the NEVER-ENDING MERRY-GO-ROUND of Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho and a listing of ALL THE MATCHES they have had on TV dating back to the summer, thoughts on the debut of BRING IT TO THE TABLE and their debate about three hours of Raw, Dolph Ziggler's heel turn and why it's a good thing, a BIG NAME returns to NXT and the controversy over the name he is using, Anthem acquires TNA and Darth Dixie finally makes her exit, JEFF JARRETT'S RETURN to TNA and why they need to look forward and not backward, WWE's allegedly comical reaction to WrestleKingdom, who the five most important people are in WWE right now and where Bray Wyatt fits in, Hulk Hogan's original opponent for Wrestlemania 7, and BUY OR SELL on HBK/Taker or Okada/Omega?

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January 1st, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Sound Off 476 has PREDICTIONS FOR 2017 for The Undertaker, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Finn Balor, picking a Money in the Bank winner, the fate of Lucha Underground, which former WWE star will end up in TNA, plus what I got right and wrong in 2016, why Ronda Rousey would still be a draw in WWE, John Cena calls out Roman Reigns on Twitter, Mick Foley lacking health insurance for his hip replacement and why WWE is under no obligation to pay for it, Stephanie McMahon burns CM Punk, Cody Rhodes offended by a segment on Raw, Smackdown beats Raw in the ratings, Steve Martin bullied into deleting a tweet about Carrie Fisher, who was the last surprise Rumble winner, and BUY OR SELL on who had the better first year in WWE - Ric Flair or AJ Styles?

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