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May 25th, 2014

This week, Solomonster is upset by reports of Ric Flair being brought back to manage The Miz over Dolph Ziggler and explains why there's MUCH more to be gained by putting their efforts behind Ziggler, thoughts on a disappointing UK Raw, the debut of BO DALLAS on Smackdown (and why he was even better on this week's NXT), why Michael Cole gets a bad rap, NXT Takeover predictions, turning off a horrible edition of Impact and why TNA may be past the point of no return, incorporating UFC-style shoot fighting into the WWE product and why it's a bad idea, was Joey Styles a bust as Raw announcer, learning more about WWE's ex-head writer Chris Kreski and why more people should know about him, the death of Owen Hart and WWE's possible new DVD covering it, and this week in history, Randy Savage passes away - if Michael Jackson could get a hologram, then so should the Macho Man for a HOF induction!


May 18th, 2014

This week, we're breaking down BLACK FRIDAY for WWE which saw Vince McMahon lose over $300 million (on paper anyway) and their stock implode coming off their new TV deal, one of the major mistakes they made, Daniel Bryan's neck surgery and one idea for how to address the WWE championship situation, why Cena's STF is a sad excuse for a submission hold, who The Ascension reminds me of on NXT (and it's not the Road Warriors), MVP's new heel faction in TNA, The Menagerie jumps the shark after one week, LIVE REVIEW of the Ring of Honor/New Japan "War of the Worlds" show, crowning an interim champion in WWE, giving fans the option to choose their announce team for PPVs, a classic Mick Foley/Terry Funk segment and spoiler-free thoughts on the new Godzilla movie!

Sound Off 327 - How NOT To Book Your World Champion

May 11th, 2014

It's a MOTHER'S DAY edition of the Sound Off!  But be forewarned, this show contains more profanity than usual, much of it directed towards the awful angle with Kane and Daniel Bryan last Monday and constant references to THE DEMON KANE.  We'll talk about how NOT to book your World champion, Mick Foley's warning to Bryan, merging the IC and US titles while doing a double turn with Sheamus and Bad News Barrett, awful WWE Network slogans, RACIST RUSEV, Kalisto makes his NXT debut, Delusional Dixie has a Twitter meltdown, MVP turns on Eric Young making TWO heel authority figures in TNA (as if one wasn't enough), thoughts on the debut of THE MENAGERIE, and this week in history... the only Japanese Royal Rumble ever and the FULL stories on WWF becoming WWE and THE PLANE RIDE FROM HELL.

Sound Off 326 - Extreme Rules Predictions and NXT Releases

May 4th, 2014

We've got match predictions for EXTREME RULES, plus the latest on Tough Enough returning, KENTA possibly coming to WWE and how the two could tie in together, a rant on cage matches and this notion that they exist to keep people out, building a minis division around El Torito and getting the "buffer" label off the Divas, why it's time for a Sheamus heel turn, St. Louis disappoints for Raw, the latest NXT releases, INFLATABLE ARM FLAILING TUBE MEN, the greatest ref bump in history, the pending debut of The Menagerie and how it perfectly defines TNA, thoughts on David Benoit's wrestling aspirations and why he needs to be careful, why Ken Shamrock is underrated as a wrestler, hard things for non-wrestling fans to accept about wrestling, scary experiences in North Korea, and the sad demises this week in history of Miss Elizabeth and Chris Candido.


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