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Sound Off 325 - Scumbag Indy Promoters Screw Over Talent and Fans

April 27th, 2014

Solomonster has thoughts on the two scumbag independent promoters that screwed over talent and fans this weekend, and proposes a registry for indy wrestlers to help avoid these problems in the future.  Then, he discusses the Bryan/Kane injury angle from Raw and how they should follow-up, Randy Orton's streak of not wearing pants comes to an end, the fans voting for John Cena's destruction and WWE's comical spin on it, Paige stripped of the NXT Womens title, running down the current card for the May 29th Takeover special, a weird Impact with some good wrestling and horrendous hype for the PPV, the awful Ken Anderson/Sam Shaw angle, whether Dean Ambrose can reach his full character potential under PG, why The Shield worked and The Nexus failed, time limits in wrestling today, airing the Slammy Awards on the WWE Network and why Kurt Angle may actually be UNDERRATED by some in terms of his place in history.

Sound Off 324 - Praise For WWE’s Warrior Documentary

April 20th, 2014

We've got a FULL review of the WWE Network documentary on The Ultimate Warrior, which is probably the best hour of TV they've ever produced, as well as thoughts on the debut of Legends House.  Then we get into the return of Evolution and a surprising lack of crowd reaction, the Intercontinental tournament and a rant on why it's hard to buy into the idea of them making the title important again, John Cena's horrendous comedy, WWE reveals PPV numbers for WrestleMania, Delusional Dixie takes credit for BEARDS on Impact and more thoughts on Eric Young as champion, Jim Ross sounds off on the lack of heels in wrestling, the one thing it would take for WWE to consider turning John Cena heel (it's not happening), a possible opponent NOT NAMED UNDERTAKER for Sting at WM31, and why I'm no longer writing for The Layfield Report.


April 13th, 2014

Solomonster is back from New Orleans with a MONSTER show talking the death of The Ultimate Warrior and being there live for his final appearances, his greatest matches and more, but also being honest about some of the outrageous things he's said in the past and audio of some of the most motivational stuff he's ever heard in Warrior's own words.  He also addresses the repulsive Nancy DIS-Grace report on Warrior's death and what people can REALLY do if they want to make their voices heard.  Plus, final thoughts on WrestleMania and why it was the best show in over a decade, the end of THE STREAK, WWE Network numbers, thoughts on the best Raw in years, Cesaro becomes a Paul Heyman Guy, Paige debuts and wins the Divas title, Eric Young wins the TNA Heavyweight Title in awfully familiar fashion, why John Cena belongs on WWE's Mount Rushmore, and THIS WEEK IN HISTORY sees a WWE guy beat a WCW guy for the ECW Title!


April 7th, 2014

Solomonster is back with a drunken post-WrestleMania edition of the Sound Off and he brought a few friends along for the ride, including Noah Mark, Bryan Blade and Webmaster Mike of  The streak is over and Daniel Bryan is the new WWE champion -- yes, this is a newsworthy episode with thoughts on the entire card from top to bottom, plus the Hall of Fame and more.  Did I mention we've been doing some drinking?  We're live on Bourbon Street for this very special show.

Sound Off 321 - WrestleMania Predictions Live From New Orleans!

April 4th, 2014

Solomonster and Noah Mark are back for the annual Sound Off WRESTLEMANIA PREDICTION SHOW, live on Bourbon Street in New Orleans!  The boys attended a listener's Norwegian wedding and interviewed the bride and groom post-nuptials, then get down to business and run down the WrestleMania XXX card from top to bottom including Daniel Bryan's chances of leaving with the WWE Title, the tag title match being relegated to the pre-show (which international fans may not get to see), CM Punk rumors, a fan photographs Randy Orton in a bathroom, Miz as a WWE Hall of Famer, The Walking Dead and more!


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