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Sound Off 302 - Dixie Carter Talks To Sports Illustrated

November 24th, 2013

Solomonster is back with OVER TWO HOURS this week talking Survivor Series predictions, the death of Mad Dog Vachon, Divas Musical Chairs, the greatness of Bo Dallas on NXT, The American Wolves get a WWE tryout, reacting to Dixie Carter's interview with Sports Illustrated and some gems from the article, including her claim that TNA has been cash flow positive for 4-5 years, that you don't have to know wrestling to be successful at it, and that TNA can't get all of its talent over because they only have 82 minutes of TV each week.  Yes, she really said this.  Plus, Vince Russo's WCW wackiness, was Diesel or Razor Ramon more successful in WWE, and did Booker T win the WCW Title because he was black?

Sound Off 301 - Would You Pay $50 For Survivor Series?

November 17th, 2013

Solomonster takes WWE to task for the awful job it's done building this year's Survivor Series, discusses DDP putting over his Royal Rumble pitch for Jake Roberts and why it's not too late to make it work, the fantastic finish to Raw on Monday, changes to the Wellness Policy and how it benefits Randy Orton, why Dixie Carter's heel turn just isn't working, TNA does a good job of promoting Turning Point, pitching a role for Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania XXX, answering a listener question about Bam Bam Bigelow in the Hall of Fame and inadvertently making a case for THE MIZ to one day be inducted as well, why Shawn Michaels may not have been a strong draw in 1996, an in-depth look at the Arn Anderson/Sid Vicious scissors incident in Europe, the Battle Royal that Randy Savage held a grudge over until his death and more.


November 10th, 2013

This week, Solomonster celebrates SIX YEARS and 300 EPISODES of the Sound Off talking Raw's lousy finish on Monday, a startling stat about Big Show, Randy Orton and Triple H and one reason why many fans are likely sick to death of the product, LIBERTARIAN KANE, John Cena's endorsement of Antonio Cesaro, thoughts on Kassius Ohno's WWE release, TNA's braindead decision to bring back Pacman Jones, one thing TNA is doing right with AJ Styles defending the title elsewhere and Bully Ray invading Tommy Dreamer's promotion, Aces and Eights FINALLY breaks up (or not), understanding the term "X-Pac heat", taking issue with Jake the Snake's latest crowdfunding request, what fans can do to take a stand against the WWE product, DEFENDING JOHN CENA against claims that he's killed people's pushes after working with them and why I keep watching wrestling no matter how bad things may get.  Plus, This Week in History with THEY LIVE hitting threaters, the Montreal Screwjob, a tribute to Eddie Guerrero and more.  Thank you all for 300 incredible shows!

Sound Off 299 - Does TNA Have A Celebrity Buyer?

November 3rd, 2013

Solomonster is back with Hell in a Cell thoughts, Daniel Bryan's unceremonious exit from the WWE Title picture, Damien Sandow's failed MITB cash-in and how it could help him going forward, the return of Uncle Fester Kane, Chris Jericho confirms what we already know about Triple H, a minor beef with this week's NXT, the latest on TNA being up for sale and the potential celebrity buyer who visited their offices in Nashville this week, a fun edition of Impact with a scary Kurt Angle performance, TAZ ADMITS THAT ACES AND EIGHTS SUCKS, one idea on what to do with The Miz, should TNA be embracing its minimalism, Halloween Havoc hijinks from 1995 featuring THE YETAY, Linda McMahon flushes $97 million down the toilet, and would you rather be World champion of an indy promotion or a WWE jobber?  We celebrate 300 episodes next week, so please consider making a Paypal donation to support the show!


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