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Sound Off 289 - The New Corporation Revealed

August 25th, 2013

Solomonster has a PACKED TWO HOUR SHOW this week with thoughts on the best Summerslam in 10 years, Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Title only to have it snatched away, the big double heel turn at the end, finally realizing the problem with Brock Lesnar's previous three matches, a rant on the idiots cheering John Cena's surgery, giving up on Sin Cara, the heat with him and Alberto Del Rio, an angry fan letter about CM Punk insulting a fan on Raw and my response, who the new Paul Heyman guy SHOULD be, an incredible Bray Wyatt promo you probably never heard, CESARO VS. ZAYN ON NXT, how TNA might let AJ Styles slip away, Jesse Sorensen's mother goes bankrupt from his medical bills, explaining my hate for The Miz, picking apart the PWI 500, the greatest WrestleMania sets of all time, and a message for all the Batman fans bashing Ben Affleck.  Make a PayPal donation in the box on the right to support the show!

Sound Off 288 - Brooke Hogan Fired From TNA

August 18th, 2013

Solomonster has Summerslam predictions, thoughts on Triple H being added to the Cena vs. Bryan match, why he's given up on Total Divas, Ric Flair embarrassing himself at the WWE 2K14 symposium, Darren Young coming out of the closet, controversial comments from RVD, Brooke Hogan's release from TNA, Tito Ortiz joins Aces and Eights, spoilers for next week's show with another new member, Hulk Hogan appearing in the newest WWE game, the worst Royal Rumble match of all time, inducting The Kliq into the Hall of Fame, recounting Adam "Pac Man" Jones and his short stint in TNA, and more.  Make a PayPal donation in the box on the right to support the show!

Sound Off 287 - Sheamus Out For 6 Months

August 11th, 2013

Solomonster talks surgery for Sheamus and pitches an idea for his return, why it's time for a heel turn and WWE's surplus of babyfaces, a quick review of Total Divas Week 2 (timed with the Divas Stopwatch!) ad John Cena's FORTRESS, more greatness from Brock Lesnar and CM Punk, the current Summerslam card and one glaring omission, possible movie about Hulk Hogan being made and hilarious tales of other claims Hogan has made over the years, Magnus and others re-sign with TNA, who has been the most successful member from NXT Season One, a passionate rant about Bruiser Brody's murder and Carlos Colon turning it into an angle, Chris Jericho's WWE debut 14 years ago this week and more!  Make a PayPal donation in the box on the right to support the show!

Sound Off 286 - Orton’s International Incident

August 3rd, 2013

Packed show this week with no time to spare.  Solomonster talks Kurt Angle's latest arrest and trip to rehab, how WWE may be involved, Randy Orton attacked by a fan in South Africa and what should happen to the guy, a recap of TOTAL DIVAS starring BRYAN DANIELSON, the one good thing that could come from the show, the apparent fate of the WWE Network, Tito Ortiz revealed as TNA's mystery man and why it's so ridiculous, Aries and Styles tear the house down on Impact, famous title changes at house shows, one way to restore value to titles in WWE, examining Bill Watts' booking of Ron Simmons as WCW champion and the fallout of Owen Hart's infamous piledriver on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.  Make a PayPal donation in the box on the right to support the show!


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