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Sound Off 281

June 30th, 2013

Solomonster shares his thoughts on the death of Matt Osborne and why the original Doink the Clown character was underrated, Ring of Honor's iPPV fiasco, The Briscoes possible departure, distressing news in the ratings when it comes to Daniel Bryan, shutting down the Rock haters on his choice as WWE's new video game cover boy, Taz possibly leaving TNA for WWE and what they should do with him, the great Suicide swerve on Impact, can Drew McIntyre ever be a main event player, does TNA have a better roster of talent than WWE, an idea for what to do with Cody Rhodes and a brand new This Week in Wrestling History segment featuring Foley's plunge, Bret Hart's stroke, John Cena's debut, the Benoit tragedy and CM Punk's legendary pipebomb!

Sound Off 280

June 23rd, 2013

Solomonster talks the WWE return of Rob Van Dam, a possible Summerslam opponent for him, RVD's swipe at TNA, the greatest promo of Mark Henry's life, the latest on Daniel Bryan's injury, his backstage confrontation with Triple H and why it was probably a good thing, Bo Dallas gets cheesy on NXT, getting The Bella Twins involved in a Cena/Bryan feud, three WWE superstars who could have been top names and Rey Mysterio goes under the knife again -- is it time for him to retire?  Plus, Food Network star Paula Deen gets canned for using racist language and we're listing her top ten favorite TV shows!

Sound Off 279

June 16th, 2013

Solomonster talks WWE Payback predictions, Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins, praise for the Divas angle on Raw, Ryback and John Cena fail to impress, the terrible McMahon storyline, why Kane is such an important part of that roster, Bo Dallas wins the NXT Title, Sting teases a new Main Event Mafia, who he might recruit, Crimson reappears on Impact only to look like a fool, is it time for TNA to cut bait on Matt Morgan, two ideas for Christian's next feud, why WWE fired Buff Bagwell, thoughts on Zack Gowen's run, and how should wrestling promotions handle fans who storm the ring?  Plus, we're debuting a new intro and outro, Random Fact of the Week and more.

Sound Off 278

June 12th, 2013

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the very first KING OF THE RING pay-per-view, which saw Hulkamania get squashed and Bret Hart capture his second (yes, second) crown.  On this special edition of the Sound Off, Solomonster takes you back through the early days of the KOTR long before it ever aired on TV, then revisits each event from 1993 to its demise in 2002, and its resurrection in 2006, 2008 and 2010.  This includes the commentary of Art Donovan (hear it for yourself!), the birth of Austin 3:16 and how the MSG Curtain Call incident made it possible, why Bret vs. Shawn never happened, Mick Foley's plunge off the Hell in a Cell, the end of DDP as a main event player, how William Regal blew the biggest opportunity of his career, and... Sheamus' Antlers.  Finally, he examines who the KOTR helped, who it hurt and whether the tournament should be brought back.

Sound Off 277

June 9th, 2013

Solomonster gives a quick Chikara update (or tries to anyway), then talks the possibility of Cena vs. Bryan at Money in the Bank, the return of the McMahons, count outs in a No Disqualification match, Randy Orton speaks the truth on John Cena, the NXT contract signing and why Bo Dallas isn't ready for prime time yet, Richie Steamboat's career possibly in jeopardy, Tod Kenely dropped from Impact, the arrival of Quinton RAMPAGE Jackson and his face-off with Kurt Angle and the greatness of Mickie James.  Then it's MAILBAG time with a passionate argument for why WWE bringing in Rock for publicity is TOTALLY different than Vince Russo booking David Arquette as WCW champion for the same reasons, was CM Punk better off for NOT headlining all those PPVs last year as champion, and what will Hulk Hogan's legacy be once he's gone?

Sound Off 276

June 2nd, 2013

Solomonster thinks Daniel Bryan is the best performer in WWE today and made one hell of a case for a Summerslam main event this week, the beginning of the end for CM Punk and Paul Heyman, the arrival of The Wyatt Family, Bret Hart apologizes for Pat Patterson joke, WWE partners with The Flintstones but may be targeting the wrong demographic, the STATE OF TNA one year after going live on Spike, who should be inducted into their Hall of Fame, will Aces and Eights help build any new stars, and could WCW or ECW have survived in a social media world on YouTube, but without TV?


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