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Sound Off 239

September 30th, 2012

Solomonster talks about the greatness of Ziggler vs. Kingston from Raw and why Kofi is underrated, WWE giving fans a "Raw" deal with Hulu, the idiocy of blowing off Ryback vs. Miz so early, Kelly's release and the Diva exodus, Rock vs. Cena becomes the biggest match of all time, WWE interested in ROH, why the Aces and Eights stuff is totally out of control, why Kevin Steen will never have a run in WWE and why did Undertaker bury DDP in 2001?

Sound Off 238

September 23rd, 2012

Solomonster has a PACKED show with Night of Champions thoughts, an update on John Cena's elbow surgery, Sheamus' next opponent, a rant on the Divas division and thoughts on how to save it (or should it even be saved?), an idea for a new talk segment instead of Miz TV, praise for Kane & Bryan and WWE's renewed focus on tag wrestling, a new opponent for the U.S. champion NOT named Santino, HOF class for 2013, will Jeff Hardy leave TNA for WWE, when the Attitude Era officially ended, is TNA keeping their title on Austin Aries to reel in ROH fans, and was wrestling better before Internet sites?

Sound Off 237

September 16th, 2012

Solomonster talks about Jerry Lawler's heart attack from Monday night, the latest update on The King, whether WWE should have continued the show, big praise for Michael Cole, John Cena wearing pink for cancer awareness and the people criticizing him for it, Money in the Bank lunchboxes, Jeff Hardy wins the Bound for Glory series and more.

Sound Off 236

September 9th, 2012

Solomonster talks about the new Punk/Heyman alliance and whether they should add anyone else, the pussification of pro wrestling with all these threats of storyline lawsuits, why it's time to pull the trigger with Ryback and who his next opponent should be, Bully Ray's status with TNA confirmed, No Surrender predictions, the fall of cage matches, a rant on WWE banning Orton's punt kick, and will fans dress up as Cena and Orton in 20 years the way they do now with stars like Hogan and Savage?

Sound Off 235

September 1st, 2012

It’s a Labor Day weekend Sound Off with thoughts on the CM Punk "BLADE GATE" controversy, Cameron's funky DUI, Del Rio's endless stream of title shots, mentally unstable people in WWE, Devon's departure from TNA, Layla’s awful theme music (complete with lyrics!) and yes... KATIE VICK, including a funny (sick?) tie-in with Linda McMahon.  Have a great holiday everyone!


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