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Sound Off 212 in Miami!

March 31st, 2012

Solomonster is on location with guests Noah Mark and Bryan Blade in Miami, the site of WRESTLEMANIA XXVIII, with a rundown of the entire card, predictions for the big event and a live account from WWE Axxess, including FCW action with a former ROH star!

As if that isn't enough, we have an interview with one half of the WrestleMania main event, JOHN CENA! Plus, interviews with World Heavyweight Champion DANIEL BRYAN, SHAWN MICHAELS, EDGE, KOFI KINGSTON and The Horsemen, ARN ANDERSON & TULLY BLANCHARD! It's an amazing edition of the Sound Off in Miami, so kick off your Mania weekend the right way and download now!

Sound Off 211

March 25th, 2012

Solomonster is here one week before WrestleMania with a special announcement about the next show.  But first, we talk Raw and Shane Douglas making an ass out of himself, the arrival of LORD TENSAI, Yokozuna’s induction into the Hall of Fame, Rock’s unlikely training partner, separating fact from fiction with the FCW story, Evan Bourne’s latest setback, Kurt Angle goes nutty on Twitter (again), The Walking Dead and more.

Sound Off 210

March 18th, 2012

Solomonster is back with a special SAINT PADDY's DAY edition of the Sound Off!  Episode 210 covers the musical battle between John Cena and The Rock, who came out on top, a better idea for how WWE should have reintroduced The Funkasaurus on Monday night, Hornswoggle and Eric Bischoff embarrass themselves on Twitter, Vince Russo offering BOOKING SEMINARS (no really, stop laughing), WWE reviving a horror franchise and THE MAILBAG, featuring a look back at how No Holds Barred fared in theaters and the murder of Bruiser Brody.  Grab your four-leaf clover and enjoy the show!

Sound Off 209

March 12th, 2012

Solomonster talks about John Cena's empty arena promo from Raw, the intriguing Joseph Park character on TNA Impact, Madusa working with WWE again, the Hulk Hogan sex tape, Road Warrior Animal saying Sting is no icon, and an incredible story from one of our listeners of how THE FUNKASAURUS inspired him to change his life (yet another reason to get that man back on TV!).  A great way to start your week!

Sound Off 208

March 4th, 2012

This week, Solomonster raves about Ronda Rousey's fight at last night's Strikeforce show and what WWE could learn from it, he discusses the death of Doug Furnas, the latest updates on the WWE Network, Triple H signs a new deal (ending his TNA career before it ever had a chance to blossom), the controversial Zema Ion promo on Jesse Sorensen, two ideas for how the 2001 Invasion SHOULD have been booked, and dating advice for wrestling fans.  Plus, looking at the Chris Jericho/CM Punk and Rock/John Cena promo battles from last Monday, Rock's crib notes and whether they were planted, who came out on top, and booking this year's WrestleMania card, including which match SHOULD probably go on first.  This one may cause some debate.


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