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Sound Off 153

March 29th, 2011

Solomonster is back with his second show this week and his 4th annual WrestleMania predictions show!  But first, thoughts on a TNA personality getting suspended, Finlay's unfair WWE release and breaking down a hot Raw show in Chicago that was not without its imperfections.  Then, we'll run down the entire WrestleMania 27 card with predictions on the winners, losers, Rock's promise to whoop John Cena's ass, what role Christian might play in the World title match and more.  Enjoy this special bonus show!

Sound Off 152

March 27th, 2011

It's one week until WrestleMania and Solomonster has some pointed thoughts about a lackluster Raw show, Rock dropping hints that he WILL be wrestling John Cena, Jericho on "Dancing with the Stars", Michael Cole's amazingly stupid tweet, Kurt Angle arrested but appearing in yet ANOTHER horror film with other wrestlers, vintage Solomonster clips from 2002 and a BIG announcement about WrestleMania coverage on SEScoops!

Sound Off 151

March 20th, 2011

Solomonster is back with a MEGA SOUND OFF as packed as any you've ever heard!  We'll cover the events of this weekend, including the death of Sir Oliver Humperdink, the shocking ROH title change and Johnny "Bones" Jones' slaughter of Shogun Hua at UFC 128 (which leads to a rant on fighters who don't speak any english).

Then, we'll get to your mailba...oh wait, there's more?  That's right, TNA had a PPV last weekend and Jeff Hardy made a jackass out of himself.  More importantly, he made an ass out of the promotion he works for and Solomonster explains why they deserve every bit of it and more.  Plus, thoughts on Raw and the latest Rock promo with news on whether or not his tune has changed on wrestling John Cena, Drew Carey going into the Hall of Fame and who will induct him, WWE proves they are ASHAMED to be a wrestling company and what one of their publicists said that you won't believe, WGN cancels Superstars and has Fatal Four-Way met its demise?

Finally, your questions in the mailba...wait, what's that?  EVEN MORE?  That's right, we have FOUR exclusive reviews for your listening pleasure this week.  Some final thoughts on Chris Jericho's new book including a disturbing Chris Benoit story from Eddie Guerrero's funeral, a review on the True Story of WrestleMania documentary, the latest WWE Legends Roundtable featuring Bret Hart as a panelist and why he's full of shit, and lastly, a review of the indie horror film RIVER OF DARKNESS.  What's so special about it, you might ask?  Well, it features Kurt Angle as a small town sheriff hunting zombie versions of Kevin Nash and Psycho Sid Vicious and ... GLACIER!  I shit you not, this is cinematic gold right here, folks.  One for the ages.

Oh yes, then we'll get to the mailbag.  Wait no longer, grab a drink and enjoy the show!

Sound Off 150

March 13th, 2011

Solomonster is back from Mets spring training and dives right into big breaking news on UFC's purchase of Strikeforce, the parallels to WWE buying WCW ten years ago this month, Cena busting out the pearl necklace in an ATROCIOUS promo from Monday, the Raw segment that turned away over 1 million viewers, Edge & Christian's reunion on Smackdown, thoughts on Chris Jericho's new book thus far and an impromptu review of WrestleMania IV!  Does it hold up after all these years?

Sound Off 149

March 5th, 2011

Solomonster's headed south, but before he departs, he brings you a gift in the form of Sound Off 149!  We'll talk the good, the bad and the ugly from Monday night, news on Michael Cole's guest referee, who the Rock/Cena feud is hurting the most, Dixie goes all stupid again, Jericho goes dancing on ABC, Cyborg's supposed offer from WWE, a mea culpa from last week regarding a certain Japanese star and THE MAILBAG!  Oh yeah, and he's fat!


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