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Sound Off 148

February 27th, 2011

This is becoming a bad habit as Solomonster brings you yet ANOTHER packed two-hour edition of the Sound Off!  There's a lot going on in the wrestling world and in episode 148, we'll address Raw from last Monday including Cena's retort to The Rock and two big returns, revealing the rest of the 2011 Hall of Famers, news on Tough Enough, Mistico's big press conference, TNA's "shocking" surprise, a major Impact spoiler for next week and THE MAILBAG!  Get crack-a-lackin' and download this show now!

Sound Off 147

February 21st, 2011

Solomonster is back with a post-PPV edition of the Sound Off, clocking in at TWO HOURS!  Thoughts on a pair of awesome Elimination Chamber matches and why the right people won, Justin Roberts' faux-pas that not many people may have noticed, The Rock's return and why I laugh heartily at the people thinking he would actually wrestle John Cena, taking issue with one of JR's tweets, new names for Dolph Ziggler, a great sign for Tough Enough being a success and, of course, a MONSTER mailbag!  Happy 2.21.11 :)

Sound Off 146

February 13th, 2011

This week, Solomonster takes time to remember "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig on the 8 year anniversary of his death, plus thoughts on a bad Raw, who the guest host might be for WrestleMania, 2.21.11 revealed, a MAJOR change to plans for The Undertaker, Miami gets Mania in 2012 and the role UFC might have played, debunking the 93,000 attendance figure for Hogan/Andre, and a contest for choosing a new name for Dolph Ziggler!

Sound Off 145

February 6th, 2011

Solomonster is amused by Eric Bischoff's remarks on Impact about Kevin Nash and has LOTS to say about the Royal Rumble, Lawler getting a PPV title shot against The Miz, the mysterious 2.21.11 video including who it's REALLY for and the latest on a possible Sting vs. Undertaker match, Mistico signs with WWE, Ric Flair suffers an injury, Tough Enough gets a new trainer and THE MAILBAG!  One hell of a show, so listen now!


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